Photo: Danetzki und Weidner


Composition Commission issued to Hugues Dufourt

Beethovenfest Bonn, Deutschland

Ludwig van Beethoven’s innovative power was unique – which is why the Beethovenfest Bonn wishes to invite the most important composers of the present day to explore this power.
Every year until the Beethoven anniversary year of 2020 one new composition commission is to be written that relates to one of Beethoven’s works. Through this, a unique canon of works will be generated that presents a snapshot of the status of musical creativity today. As part of Bonn’s anniversary celebrations marking Beethoven’s 250th birthday all commissioned pieces are to be performed to an audience.
For the Beethovenfest 2016 Hugues Dufourt will be writing a new work exploring Ludwig van Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony, “Eroica”, with the support of the EvS Music Foundation. Since the 1970s Hugues Dufourt has been the chief composer of Spectralism. By structurally analyzing the tones he develops corresponding graduations and new-style formations. “Symphony orchestras are excellently suited to developing unrecognized construction phenomena. The notion of symphonics today is that of an inner power that unfolds,” explains the composer.
At the Beethovenfest it will be particularly interesting to see how the creativity and the development of the composer’s symphonics combines with the bold ideas of Hugues Dufourt.


September 23, 2016
Beethovenhalle Bonn, Bonn


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