Composition Commission issued to Nico Sauer

El Perro Andaluz e.V., Dresden, Germany

For the concert “Wort, oh Wort das mir fehlt” (Word, oh Word that I am Missing) to be held as part of the 2016 Klangnetz Dresden Concert Series “Sprachspiele” (Language Games) the ensemble El Perro Andaluz commissioned the young composer Nico Sauer with a new work that is to be supported by the EvS Music Foundation.
In “Mi muovo fra le luci” unemployed heating engineer Wolf Littbarsky is centerstage, mourning his famous days as Italo singer Lupo Manfredi. On a chance meeting with two young producers from STUDIO BAHAMA he has a great new opportunity for a comeback.
The figure of the Italo Pop singer comes from freely conceived frames of reference and injects pop-music, nostalgic and narrative references into the world of contemporary music practice. The Dresden concert features this figure in conjunction with the acclaimed contemporary music ensemble El Perro Andaluz. One time rejected from society, he now finds his way back onto the stage. Here he sets out on uncertain terrain for a second time, risking a collision with the world of serious music.
Conceived by STUDIO BAHAMA with the music of Nico Sauer this juxtaposition promises a composition of surprising, bizarre and emotional moments. The museum as a place of experience and discovery will be used here in a theatrical and performative way. Audience assumptions are challenged and the music and theater offerings – that begin upon entering the building and only end upon departure – are aimed at enthusing new classes of audience.


August 18, 2016
Hygiene-Museum, Dresden

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