Foto: Manu Theobald


Composition Commissions issued to Hèctor Parra, Birke Bertelsmeier, Peter Ruzicka and Benjamin Scheuer

Konzerthaus Blaibach, Germany


For two years Munich-based ensemble risonanze erranti/Peter Tilling will be Ensemble-in-Residence at Konzerthaus Blaibach. This ensemble has set itself the prime task here of promoting the cultivation of contemporary music. Alongside this new works are to be presented, performed and explained in youth concerts and schools, ideally together with the composer. The activities planned include a New Music festival for the opening, to which the entire local community is invited.

To further extend the ensemble’s repertoire and facilitate concert projects as well as premieres the ensemble will be issuing several composition commissions supported by the EvS Music Foundation. The recipients of these commissions are Hèctor Parra, Birke Bertelsmeier and Peter Ruzicka. Furthermore, a scenic work for children is planned which will also involve young players. Benjamin Scheuer will achieve this in collaboration with Seidenbusch Musikmanagement.


September 16/17, 2016
November 19/20, 2016
May 27/28, 2017
Konzerthaus Blaibach, Germany


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