Photo: Manu Theobald


Composition Commissions issued to Oliver Schneller and Gordon Williamson

AsianArt Ensemble GbR, Berlin, Germany


Called into existence by the AsianArt Ensemble in 2011, the widely acclaimed concert series “focused” explores the rapprochement and merging of Asian and European music cultures. In their concerts the musicians focalize not only Asian instruments like the koto, sheng, daegeum, geomungo, sho and haegeum but also Korean gagok song and themes like shamanism and Taoism.
With its unusual line-up of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and European stringed instruments like no other the ensemble is dependent on commission compositions as there is no notable repertoire. The ensemble had to create its repertoire, now consisting of 40 works, all by itself.
With the support of the EvS Music Foundation the AsianArt Ensemble will therefore be issuing composition commissions  to Oliver Schneller and Gordon Williamson. The challenge of the project for composers and members of the ensemble lies in moving from their regular homely location to encounter another culture “head on” in a new location in an altered form.


March 29 and November 16, 2016
Werner-Otto-Saal, Konzerthaus, Berlin


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