Composition Commissions for MGNM

Münchner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik e.V., Munich, Germany


The Munich Society for New Music (MGNM) has existed for twenty years now. To mark this anniversary twenty composition commissions are to be issued to music professionals that live in Munich or whose artistic career is closely related to Munich and the history of the Münchner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik – ten of these are to be supported by the EvS Music Foundation.
The quality of their artistic work, aesthetic variety, their varying generations and cultural origin and last but not least their former commitment – generally provided free of charge – to the MGNM music festival over the past few years were the key criteria for selecting the artists.
Lasting three to four minutes each the compositions will be performed at a major anniversary concert at the 2016 MGNM Music Festival. The sixteen-head chamber ensemble consists of musicians from the independent scene and the orchestra of the City of Munich. Add to this a sound director for works featuring electro-acoustic elements. Likewise, for the ensemble preference was given to inviting musicians who have become important due to their involvement of the history of the MGNM.


June 21, 2016
Schwere Reiter, Munich


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