Photo: Christine Schoerkhuber


Impuls . 10th International Ensemble and Composers’ Academy for Contemporary Music 2017

Impuls . Association for the Communication of Contemporary Music, Vienna, Austria


A key focus of impuls is to promote the understanding of contemporary music and its traditions. It does this in a variety of ways: for instance, at the academies with coaching by renowned tutors and with programs that shed light on new playing techniques and musical forms, new technologies and approaches to interpretation in theory and practice, though primarily also by nurturing the collaboration between performers and composers. Exchange and positioning within an international framework are further key points here. impuls not only holds international composition competitions and issues commissions but it also provides selected composers in-depth support by means of accompanying programs. Another task impuls has taken on is to make contemporary music accessible to a broader audience. For instance, the festivals offer a mix of concerts with top performers and classics of the Modern Age, results from the academy and (debut) performances by young composers, discussions and lectures, concert introductions and, more importantly, also musical appreciation formats such as minute concerts in galleries, initiatives in the public space or workshops that appeal to an audience beyond the expert sphere. The EvS Music Foundation is supporting the academy which once again this year has numerous special programs in store like ALMAT, Collaboratory and translucent spaces in addition to workshops with ensembles in residency as well as other impuls projects.


February 10 – 22, 2017


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