Photo: Lewis Ronald


Composition Commission issued to Christian Wolff: Piano Concert (in re: John Cage)

Apartment House, Wymondham, United Kingdom


Sixty years after John Cage’s pioneering composition of the Concert for Piano and Orchestra his long-standing friend and American composer Christian Wolff will be composing an answer to this work. The British ensemble Apartment House, which has collaborated with Wolff since 2002, will perform both piano concerts as part of the international conference Performing Indeterminacy in Leeds.

Wolff will use the same line-up for his composition as Cage, who wrote the concert for up to 13 musicians, a conductor using his own voice and the pianist. Here the pianist has to read 84 different types of notation including some of Cage’s most famous graphic notations. Wolff’s new piano concert, which is being supporting by the EvS Music Foundation, is a significant contribution to experimental music. The flexibility of the work, which also features in Cage’s work, makes further performances possible in the future.


July 1, 2017

Clothworkers’ Hall, Leeds


October/November 2017

Performances in London


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