Photo: Kristof Fischer


Composition Commission issued to Iris ter Schiphorst: EIN VOLK UNTER VERDACHT/A PEOPLE UNDER SUSPICION

Vocalconsort Berlin, Germany


This project is based on the original material from the archive of the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Files and on texts by the author Jürgen Fuchs. Those documents (image, sound, text) artistically and aesthetically deployed in direction (Ulrike Ruf) and composition (Iris ter Schiphorst) enable a far-reaching view into the GDR’s system of safeguarding power and the Stasi’s omnipresent surveillance network: the modus operandi, impact and scope of the Stasi’s work becomes clear through this. The impact of this on society is portrayed by Vocalconsort Berlin’s extremely experienced stage performers who react to the original material presented on stage in both a musical and choreographed way, thereby reflecting group dynamic mechanisms. Evidence of the individual experience of state repression that forms the second level of the exploration of the surveillance system is provided by the documentary and literary records of the dissident Jürgen Fuchs. Their shocking authenticity is suitably adapted in an a cappella scoring by Iris ter Schiphorst that concentrates on the text. The EvS Music Foundation is supporting the composition commission issued to Iris ter Schiphorst.


December 14 – 17, 2017
Radialsystem V, Berlin


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