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Composition Commission issued to Philipp Maintz

Städtische Bühnen Osnabrück, Germany


Even if the core repertoire of the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra lies in the classical and romantic field it is their exploration of both old and contemporary works that plays the key role in their work. Armed with the knowledge of historically grown musical practice the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra primarily fosters an experimental and innovative approach to performance that may not unite traditions but which is characterized by a great openness to new influences.

With the support of the EvS Music Foundation Theater Osnabrück / Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra will be commissioning Philipp Maintz with the composition of a 20-25 minute piece of work for large orchestra. Held in February 2018 the premiere will be conducted by Andreas Hotz, General Music Director at Theater Osnabrück since the 2012/13 season.


February 2018
Europasaal, OsnabrückHalle


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