Photo: Frank Fervile


Genesis – Seven Composition Commissions

Ensemble intercontemporain, Paris, France


On the 40th anniversary of its founding Ensemble intercontemporain will be issuing seven composition commissions with the support of the EvS Music Foundation. Here the focus will be on creation in two senses of the word: the compositions all revolve around the Book of Genesis and, in so doing, imaginatively explore the processes of musical creativity.

The seven composers – Chaya Czernowin, Marko Nikodijevic, Franck Bedrossian, Anna Thorvalsdottir, Joan Magrané Figuera, Stefano Gervasoni and Mark Andre – devote to each of the seven days of creation a ten-minute piece of work. At the premiere to be performed by Ensemble intercontemporain under the baton of Matthias Pintscher the audience will be able to juxtapose dramaturgy, style, instrumental practice and thereby compare and contrast the creative process of the different composers.

The works form a cycle but can also be played separately thereby enriching the contemporary repertoire. To mark the anniversary Ensemble intercontemporain, founded in 1976 by Pierre Boulez, will also be devoted to its own role in the fabric of contemporary music by means of this meta-creation.


March 30, 2017

La Cité de la musique, Philharmonie de Paris


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