Photo: Reiner Pfisterer



Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Stuttgart, Germany


In 2018 it will be 60 years since Cage smashed all conventions with his Concert for Piano and Orchestra. With this concert, performed at New York Town Hall on May 15, 1958, the composer invited the audience to continually rethink genre and aesthetics instead of remaining attached to tried and tested formal templates. Composers Adriana Hölszky (*1953), Samir Odeh-

Tamimi (*1970) and Arturo Fuentes (*1975) are now responding to this invitation and

challenge. For the “Neue S@aiten” series of the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra they will, with the support of the EvS Music Foundation, write solo concertos for violin, viola or violoncello that will each be juxtaposed with an existing solo concerto selected by the composer.


2017/2018 Concert Season

Theaterhaus Stuttgart


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