One Shot Train: Composition Commission issued to François Sarhan

Eunoia Quintet, Basel, Switzerland


François Sarhan does not limit his artistic self-image merely to creating a musical score. Composing for him also means theme choice, text writing and visual design of the production. The result is humorous, crazy – a surreal world where everything is possible. Supported by the EvS Music Foundation and developed in close collaboration with the Eunoia Quintet, the work One Shot Train is a concert installation that was especially developed for Gare du Nord Basel and then subsequently for a suitable venue in Vienna. The topic of travelling, the associated technology – trains, tracks, timetables, loudspeakers, signposts – the different locations, as well as the visitors are at the center of the project.

As a form for the composition François Sarhan chose a walk through the different locations. An audio guide takes the audience round the circuit and the different stops where musicians are positioned. At each of these stops a musical performance takes place staging this particular location and exploring its history – true or invented – its architecture and its specificities. While listening to the composition a wealth of unusual situations arise where familiar locations suddenly appear in a very new light.


September 17, 19 and 20, 2017
Gare du Nord, Basel

November 2017
As Part of Wien Modern


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