Photo: Yiannis Soulis


Ergon Ensemble 2016/17

Ergon Ensemble, Alimos, Greece


In the 2016/17 season the Ergon Ensemble will be holding a concert especially for a young audience at Athen’s Megaron concert hall. The performance will include two works by renowned European composers – Frankenstein!! by HK Gruber and Living Toys by Thomas Adès – alongside a commissioned composition by Greek composer Alexandros Mouzas especially written for this concert. Aimed at delighting children and surprising adults for the concert Ergon will be collaborating with conductor Kasper de Roo.

The subsequent project also to be held at the Megaron stands out with its use of different media. Calliope Tsoupaki asked the Ergon Ensemble to perform the Greek premiere of her work Narcissus, a musical drama for musicians and fragrances. The performance combines virtuoso music with a parfumeur’s fragrances and a light-space installation and appeals to all the audience’s senses in an almost mystic way. As part of Easter celebrations at the Megaron the Ergon Ensemble will perform the religious music of Arvo Pärt.

Furthermore, the Ergon Ensemble will be calling into existence a project entitled Contemporary meets Tradition aimed at musicians and composers which, like the ensemble’s other activities, is supported by the EvS Music Foundation. During the 2016/17 season, the first of two that are planned, selected players of traditional instruments will draw up, together with the Ergon Ensemble, a practical guide that will be presented to contemporary composers at the end of this season. In a series of workshops and masterclasses the instruments and their playing techniques are to be presented so that the composers are able to write for traditional instruments and contemporary ensemble in the future.


February 4/5, 2017

Megaron, Athens


February 17, 2017

Megaron, Athens


April 10, 2017

Megaron, Athens


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