Photo: Substantia Jones


Georg Friedrich Haas: In Vain

Colón Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Colón Contemporáneo will present the Latin American premiere of In Vain by Georg Friedrich Haas, one of the most important composers in the world, who is still virtually unknown in Argentina. In Vain is written in a highly original microtonal language, with the unexpected addition of a dynamic lighting design. The light’s intensity is part of the score, it oscillates between maximum power and absolute darkness, in which the musicians never stop playing. These lighting changes will be especially dramatic in Teatro Colón´s historic Main Hall.

Supported by the EvS Music Foundation, the concert is performed by the Orchestra Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic, the conductor is Ingo Metzmacher. Georg Haas visits Argentina in order to assist at the rehearsals as well as to give a three-day workshop for young Argentinian composers. The light design is done by the local artist Gonzalo Córdova.

The music that must be played in the dark not only puts audience and ensemble in an unusual situation. It is, at the very start, a challenge to the composer. The parts need to be easy to learn by heart; all the music played must be controllable by ear; and it is futile to expect an invisible conductor to perform his usual function. Since its premiere in 2000, In Vain has been performed countless times, including versions by Klangforum Wien and London Sinfonietta, and conductors such as Sylvain Cambreling, Emilio Pomarico or Simon Rattle, among many others.


November 22, 2017
Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires


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