Photo: Andrea Huber


Gezeitenkonzerte 2017 (Tidal Concerts 2017) – Composer Portrait Jan Müller-Wieland

Ostfriesische Landschaft, Aurich, Germany


Die Gezeitenkonzerte have been organized by East Frisian cultural association Ostfriesische Landschaft in the region’s special tonal spaces, such as Romanesque churches, castles and palaces as well as factory halls, parks, riding arenas and Gulf barns, since 2012. The motto of the sixth season of the Gezeitenkonzerte is Sturm und Klang (literally Storm and Sound but referencing the “Sturm und Drang” movement). Here in 2017 the Gezeitenkonzerte have selected a motto that specifically connects with the geography of East Frisia and the art of the chamber music festival.

Supported by the EvS Music Foundation this year’s successful New Music composer portraits are to be continued, this time with Jan Müller-Wieland. Furthermore, once again, chamber music forms the essential component of the festival: piano solo evenings with Grigory Sokolov and Alice Sara Ott, lied evenings with Angelika Kirchschlager and Okka von der Dahmerau, duo evenings with Christian Tetzlaff and Leif Ove Andsnes as well as Nils Mönkemeyer and Matthias Kirschnereit, string quartets with the Klenke Quartet, a sextet evening revolving around the Verdi Quartet as well as numerous orchestral line-ups some featuring top soloists. Forming the conclusion here for the third time in a row will be Lower Saxony’s philharmonic youth orchestra JPON in Bunderhee performing the main work A Hero’s Life by Richard Strauss and Prism Rhapsody by Keiko Abe, a contemporary Japanese composer.


July 29, 2017
Atrium der Kunsthalle in Emden


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