North/South: New Music and Migrations between the Americas and Germany

Fonema Consort, Chicago, USA

Fonema Consort has established itself as a leader in bringing music by Latin American composers to the US stage. North/South, a three-way cultural exchange between Ecuador, Germany, and the US, will allow us to further explore and promote the connections between North and Latin American music and the European avant-garde. The project, which is supported by the EvS Music Foundation, is inspired primarily by the Freiburg-based Ecuadorian composer Mesias Maiguashca. Maiguashca grew up in an indigenous family from the Andes and went on, by way of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s studio, to have a distinctive composing and teaching career in Germany. His musical language attempts to bring the folklore and cosmology of indigenous Andean peoples into contact with the rigor and mediums of the avant-garde scene in Germany. His life, and more importantly his work, thus represent precisely the kind of cultural hybridity that has energized Fonema Consort since its foundation.
The program for the Ecuadorian tour in 2017 will consist of Mark Barden's Chamber for three (trained or untrained) male voices, Juan Campoverde's basalto for soprano, flute and tape, Mauricio Kagel's Atem for 3 wind instruments played by the same performer, Helmut Lachenmann's Salut für Caudwell for two guitars and Mesias Maiguashca's 8 ejercicios para oír lo inaudible for soprano, flute, accordion and guitar. Through the work of these composers, the program will present contrasting approaches to musical identity and its relation to transcultural exchange and the absorption of foreign musical idioms.

November 7, 2017
Teatro Sucre, Cuenca

November 8, 2017
Teatro Carlos Cueva, Cuenca

November 10, 2017
Goethe Hall at the Humboldt Society, Quito


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