Photo: Manu Theobald


Opening Concert of the cresc...2017 Festival featuring the Ensemble Modern and hr-Sinfonieorchester

Deutsche Ensemble Akademie e.V., Frankfurt am Main, Germany


The biennale festival cresc... sees itself as a defining international forum for modern music. From key works from the 20th and 21st centuries through to premieres of works by young composers, cresc... presents a broad spectrum of artistic approaches, stances and perspectives engaging with the present day.

Running from November 23 – 26, 2017 and with an opening concert supported by the EvS Music Foundation the festival’s overarching theme this year is “Transit / Wandlungen” (Transit / Transformations). Music and sound art are intrinsically linked to the notion of transit and form a force field afforded a special space in the festival primarily with artists who build bridges, cross borders, repeatedly relocate and move between countries, cultures and genres.

The spatial aspect also plays a key role in the opening concert featuring Phillipe Manoury’s In-Situ: the Ensemble Modern sits on the stage while the hr-Sinfonieorchester (Hessicher Rundfunk radio orchestra) is divided into eight groups around the audience in the main hall of Frankfurt opera house Alte Oper. The apparently homogeneous tonal image becomes heterogeneous as soon as it transforms and spreads around the hall among the audience. Incorporated into the concerts between two pieces of work is a lecture by specialists – a sociologist, political scientist or the like – who shed light on the “Transit / Wandlungen” theme from the perspective of their specific discipline.


November 23, 2017

Alte Oper Frankfurt, Großer Saal


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