Conference “Neues Hören für Erwachsene. Publikum zur Neuen Musik bewegen” (New Listening for Adults. Animating the Audience towards New Music)

mica – music information center austria, Vienna, Austria


In the 21st century New Music offers attractive opportunities to permeate the microcosm of sounds and to discover new worlds. Here the perception of music and one’s own acoustic environment is extended, meaning one’s own sense of hearing is brought into new frames of reference. In cooperation with Graz’s art university Kunstuniversität Graz the music appreciation forum Plattform Musikvermittlung Österreich is organizing a corresponding conference in February 2017 to be supported by the EvS Music Foundation. By means of theoretical contributions, workshops, a marketplace for project presentations, discussions as well as a coordinated supporting program featuring concerts along with varied introductory formats, various options are highlighted here to help listeners explore unfamiliar sounds.


February 23 – 25, 2017
Kunstuniversität Graz


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