Photo: Daniel Pufe


Darmstadt 49th International Summer Courses for New Music 2018

Darmstadt International Music Institute, Germany

At Darmstadt’s International Summer Courses in 2018 four new works will be performed which, while so different in terms of line-up and artistic approach, all display theatrical elements. The performance of two works is supported by the EvS Music Foundation: Atlas of the Sky, by Australian composer Liza Lim is being created for the Australian ensemble Speak Percussion (performing in Darmstadt for the first time), the vocal performer Jessica Aszodi and an amateur choir. Together with the choreographer Lucy Guerin and instrument builder Adam Stewart Lim focalizes collective processes: What power and responsibility does the individual musician have in terms of the joint aesthetic experience?
With his new work for the Darmstadt summer courses entitled Ouranos Italian composer Pierluigi Billone not only makes reference to the star system but also Greek mythology. Uranus – the heavens personified – is a figure that allows multifaceted associations. For some time now Billone has been interested in the role of the voice(s) in an instrumental context and the importance of singing as a vocal act. The two singers Anna Clare Hauf and Ursula Langmayr and Ensemble Nikel, extended for the first time to six musicians in Darmstadt, all mean a body of musicians are available whose soloist creativity allows composer Billone to reach a level of awe-inspiring intensity for which his music has become known.

July 16, 2018
Darmstadt, Orangerie

July 17 and 18, 2018
Darmstadt, Centralstation

July 19, 2018
Darmstadt, Böllenfalltorhalle

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