Four Composition Comissions for the „Time Expandings" project

Ensemble Berlin PianoPercussion, Germany

After the successful conclusion of the “Musik am Draht” project – presenting in two concerts a potted genealogy of Mixed Music (Musique mixte) from its beginnings until today with a special focus on the 21st century – the topic is now to be extended to include the moving image. In their works the four composers Pierre Jodlowski, Yannis Kyriakides, PerMagnus Lindborg and Eiko Tsukamoto will explore the phenomenon of “Time Expandings”: What happens within us when the moment of a specific perception expands over time? What if we have the feeling that time is standing still. This feeling that is often experienced with music puts us in a state of distraction, sometimes even euphoria. We experience a suspension of our senses with a currently occurring aesthetic stimulus. The four premieres will juxtapose works – always for piano and percussion line-ups – by the composers Christian Mason, Oliver Schneller, Wojtek Blecharz and Christopher Trapani who also deal intensively in their art of composition with the perceptive phenomenon described.

April 30, 2018
Werner-Otto-Saal, Konzerthaus Berlin

June 13, 2018
Werner-Otto-Saal, Konzerthaus Berlin

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