Photo: Vanja Cerimagic


SONEMUS Festival 2019: BLACK BOX

SONEMUS Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Society of New Music Sarajevo – SONEMUS was founded in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2002 for the promotion, performance and communication of New Music. Every year the organization’s cornerstone, the SONEMUS Festival, aims to develop the classical and contemporary music scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina by means of an artistic and education program featuring concerts, workshops and lectures.

At the focus of the SONEMUS Festival in 2019 is Simon Steen-Andersen’s Black Box Music, an audio-visual work that he wrote for soloist and conductor Håkon Stene and ensemble. The point of departure of the both surprising and entertaining deconstruction is the traditional classic concert situation where the conductor stands in front of the orchestra. Invited as composer-in-residence, Simon Steen-Andersen will take part in the performance of his work Black Box Music and hold workshops for young composers at the Ars Aevi Museum for Contemporary Art. The program also includes the premiere of Ališer Sijarić’s violin concerto featuring Violeta Smailović as a soloist, the début of Third Station, 1960 by Swiss-resident, Australian composer Paul Clift, Les Abîmes Hallucinées for ensemble and two Revox B77 by Swiss composer Antoine Chessex featuring Jérome Noetinger as a turntable soloist, as well as a second premiere of a work by Bosnian composer Dino Rešidbegović. This varied program will be performed by Bern’s Ensemble Proton. Ensemble Mosaik from Berlin, with a line-up including compositions featuring video installations, will also be hosted at the festival.

The SONEMUS Festival is still the only New Music event throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. It therefore seems all the more urgent to organizers to showcase contemporary music as a space for the exploration of new cultural identity with the aim of understanding the international legacy as a shared one and as a point of departure both for exploring the present day and for looking to the future. To make New Music more accessible compositions were selected in 2019 that can be viewed as overall works of art: music closely associated with theater or musicians not hailing from a classical music background.

April 16, 2019
Kino Imperial, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

April 17, 2019
Armeesaal/Army Hall, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

April 18, 2019
Kino Imperial, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

April 18, 2019
Ars Aevi Museum, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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