12 Composition Commissions

Edition Juliane Klein, Berlin, Germany

The publishing house Juliane Kleine is dedicated exclusively to contemporary music. Founded in 1999 by the composer Juliane Kleine, originally as a self-publishing entity, it quickly expanded during subsequent years to a fully-fledged publishing institution which represented many other composers. From the beginning, the aim was to build a music publisher which placed its composers at the centre of its work, supporting and accompanying them long-term in their artistic and professional development. Currently, the publisher is working with fifteen composers, covering a wide spectrum of the aesthetic range within contemporary music.
For its 20th anniversary, the Juliane Klein publishing house initiated a series of double-portrait concerts, which will take place throughout Germany in 2019. In each concert, a chosen ensemble will present the works of two composers. This pairing is not arbitrary, but rather follows concurrent ideas of correspondence and contrast:
Correspondence though the instrumentation and thematic source of the pieces, through the challenges each composer provides. Contrast (or correspondence?) in the compositional answers given. (Unexpected) correspondences occur over generational and aesthetic boundaries, while (unexpected) contrasts appear in apparently similar pre-conditions. With the support of the EvS Music Foundation, twelve of the publisher’s composers – Annesley Black, Peter Gahn, Michael Hirsch, Leopold Hurt, Gordon Kampe, Hermann Keller, Juliane Klein, Peter Köszeghy, Ulrich Kreppein, Stefan Pohlit, Hannes Seidl, Sebastian Stier, Hans Thomalla, Stephan Winkler und Joanna Wozny – will write pieces for ensembles including the E-MEX Ensemble, the Boulanger Trio, Ensemble LUX:NM and the Decoder Ensemble.

22nd May 2019
Alte Feuerwache Cologne

29th May 2019
MUCCA31, Munich

Summer 2019
St. Annen Kirche, Zepernick

November 2019
Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin

Autumn 2019
Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin

Winter 2019

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