Composition Commission issued to Annette Schmucki

LIEDBasel Festival, Switzerland

From the 23rd until the 26th May 2019, the song festival LIEDBasel will take place in Druckereihalle in Ackermannshof in Basel for the first time. The theme during this festival premiere is ‘Thoughts are free’. In addition to song evenings by international artists, masterclasses for young talent, readings, conversation groups, and interdisciplinary formats, there will be a annual commission for a new composition under the title LIEDOnDemand in order to support contemporary music and show that song as an arm form is not lacking in modernity.
With the support of the EvS Music Foundation, the Swiss composer Anette Schmucki has composed a 20-minute song cycle which will be premiered on the 25th May 2019 as part of LIEDBasel. Annette Schmucki has chosen a ‘classical’ instrumentation for her composition – voice and piano – and, in doing so, shows not only an intimacy and simplicity, but also the range of emotional and formal possibilities of this genre.
The evening will show the depth of Swiss song-composing: the soprano Sylvia Nopper and the pianist Anton Kernjak will present other songs from Swiss composers in addition to Annette Schmucki’s premiere.


25th May 2019
Druckereihalle in Ackermannshof Basel, Switzerland

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