Photo: Dominic Buttner


Composition Commission issued to Stefan Wirth

The Zurich Opera House does not satisfy itself with the tried-and-tested, with the well-known. Exciting theatre gains its energy from a connection with the present. To make this a reality, a focus is held on the world of contemporary classical music: under the title New Music Theatre, Szene Schweiz has commissioned a chamber opera from each of three young Swiss composers, to be performed in the Zurich Opera House over three consecutive seasons. The first commission was given to the Genf composer Xavier Dayer. His chamber opera Der Traum von Dir was premiered in December 2017. The second composition was written by Michael Pelzel, whose chamber opera Last Call was premiered on 28th June 2019. Through the support of the EvS Music Foundation, the third chamber opera has been given by the Zurich Opera House to the composer Stefan Wirth, who is depicting Tracy Chevalier’s Girl with a pearl earring. As a small-form chamber opera would not do justice to this size of story, it will be premiered with large orchestration on 24th May 2020 in English under the leadership of the young American director Ted Huffman on the main stage of the Zurich Opera House.

May 24 (World Premiere) and 28, June 1,7,14,17,19, 2020 (Premiere)
Main Stage, Zurich Opera House, Switzerland

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