Photo: Jacob Adolphi


Composition Commissions issued to Christoph Ogiermann and Anton Wassiljewvie

Ensemble New Babylon, Bremen, Germany

The ensemble New Babylon, along with REM (from the charitable project group neue music bremen e.V. (pgnm)) and in corporation with Schwankhalle Bremen with support from the EvS Music Foundation, is commissioning five new works in 2019: from Christoph Ogiermann and Anton Wassiljew, as well as from Andreas Paparousos, Christian Vásquez and Heiko Müller.
In line with the ensemble’s increasingly regular ‚curated‘ concerts with often very limited programming or even themes, the chosen composers were requested to turn off their previous sense of structure – including theme, length, performance space, and instrumentation – prior to beginning their compositions, and to thus work conceptually. New Babylon likewise wishes to enable an opening to alternative working styles in the world of music through its collaboration with the amateur wind band Lauter Blech and the improvising contrabass player Reinhart Hammerschmidt. The concerts will take place in November 2019 in Bremen, Bremerhaven and Hannover. In choosing these cities, the ensemble is linking itself with Bremen’s long tradition of giving life to New Music.

8th November 2019
Schwankhalle Bremen

9th November 2019
Kunsthalle Bremerhaven

10th November 2019
Sprengel Museum Hannover

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