Composition Commissions issued to Franck Yeznikian and Haofu Zhang

Ensemble Sturm und Klang, Brussels, Belgium

The two pieces written by composers Franck Yeznikian and Hafu Zhang and commissioned by the Ensemble Sturm und Klang are intended for a mixed ensemble of 12 musicians: two violins, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trombone, piano and percussion.
The basic idea of the project is to present the works of two internationally renowned composers in one concert, who are both fascinated by the theme of "water and current" and want to approach it from different perspectives.
Franck Yeznikian (*1969), a French composer of Armenian descent, has long been interested in the theme of water and its symbolism, and in particular in the influence of the liquid element on the works of Robert Schumann, Paul Celan and Cy Twombly. In his new composition Poems to the see Franck Yeznikian will concentrate on the dynamics of the current of water.
The Chinese composer Haofu Zhang (*1952), who has lived in Belgium for 20 years, takes his inspiration from the Yellow River in his composition, which symbolizes life and fertility and, since 2000 B.C., has enabled the development of Chinese civilization in the region of the central plains. His work The Nine Songs of the Yellow River will consist of a suite of nine movements, inspired by the nine great meanders of the Yellow River and the traditions that have developed around them. The Intermezzo from Robert Schumann's Rhenish Symphony (1850) mediates between these two perspectives. It is newly orchestrated according to the instrumentation of the ensemble Sturm und Klang in the pieces by Yeznikian and Zhang.
The project takes place within an artist residence of the ensemble Sturm und Klang in the cultural centre Espace Senghor, which enables the musicians to work with the composers for several days and to premiere the work afterwards.


October 19, 2019
Espace Senghor, Brussels, Belgium

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