Four Composition Commissions

DUO2KW, Munich, Germany

DUO2KW is a duo consisting of an accordion and viola based in Munich – a pairing which has inspired a number of prominent composers over the past twenty years. Kai Wangler (accordion) and Klaus-Peter Wenari (viola) have founded the project ‘DUO2KW-expanding’ with the stated aim of developing the repertoire for this combination of instruments. After two successful premieres of works by Clara Ianotta and Ulrich Alexander Kreppein, the duo is undertaking four further commissions over the next three years with the support of the EvS Music Foundation. The four chosen composers are Phillipp Mayer, Nicolaus Richter de Vroe, Johannes Kalitzke and Hanna Hartmann, who couldn’t be more different in terms of age and background: Nicolaus Richter de Vroe (*1955) creates spaces through his work for the surreal and unexpected. Johannes Kalitzke (*1958), known as an exceptional conductor and specialist for contemporary music, distils his wealth of experience in his works and shows a detailed knowledge of the instruments he writes for. Hanna Hartmann (*1961) has a great sensibility for tonality and draws this into an unexpected partnership with various acoustic, spatial and theatrical contexts. As a representative of the younger generation of composers, Phillipp Mayer (*1995) identifies himself through the detailed scripting of his musical thoughts and a unique musical style. The new works will be performed primarily in Southern Germany – from Heilbronn via Augsburg to Munich – in the context of newly created works of the past twenty years, from Morton Feldmann to Wolfgang Rihm.

25th May 2019
Abraxas Theater Augsburg, Germany

23rd November 2019
Schwere Reiter Munich, Germany

May 2020
Perspektiven Heilbronn, Germany

November 2020 and Early 2021
Schwere Reiter Munich, Germany