Photo: Pierre Gondard


L‘ Itinéraire beyond borders

L’ Itinéraire, Paris, France

L’ Itinéraire is a loose collaboration between composers Hugues Dufourt, Gérard Grisey, Tristan Murail and Michaël Levinas, founded in 1973. The group aims to support the development of a new French music movement commonly known under the term ‘Musique spectral‘, which concentrates on the compositional exhaustion of the overtone-spectrum. The Ensemble L’ Itinéraire was founded in the same year.

The 2019 season is formed of six ambitious concert programmes, which aim to bring L’ Itinéraire back to an international audience. The programme makes it clear that a new generation of artists has been inspired by the language of spectral music such as the Iranian composer Sina Fallahzadeh, who now resides in Paris, the Israeli composer Talia Amar or the Argentinian composer Tomás Bordalejo. Likewise, works from the founders of L’ Itinéraire Michaël Levinas, Tristan Murail and the ensemble-founder Roger Tessier are to be found on the programme. Cooperation with leading ensembles with the same artistic standards will be intensified in 2019: including with the Zafraan Ensemble in Berlin, Meitar from Tel Aviv and the French ensemble Le Balcon (a chamber orchestra founded in 2008 by students at the Paris Conservatory). As it was decided to proceed without a fixed musical director, conductors such as Pierre-André Valade, Mathieu Romano, Maxime Pascale, Guillaume Bourgogne have been invited to develop the concert programme with the ensemble. This likewise represents an intensification of the cooperation with prominent soloists such as the soprano Elise Chauvin and the baritone Mathieu Dubroca, in addition to a collaboration with the children’s choir of the Paris Conservatory. The program reflects the desire to cross boundaries to discover and conquer new sound worlds.

April 15, 2019
La Scala Paris, France

June 13, 2019
Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

July 2019
Sommer in Stuttgart – Festival for New Musik, Germany

July 2019
Radialsystem V, Berlin, Germany

November 2, 2019
The Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv, Israel

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