Photo: Henrik Jordan


Composition Commission issued to Mayako Kubo

modern art ensemble, Berlin, Germany

A man as an image of national, moral, economic and political perspectives: John Rabe saw himself as acting naturally and out of "pure humanity". He is still viewed as a controversial figure across Japan, China and Germany: Hero, traitor or simply forgotten. Posthumously celebrated by those he saved yet disregarded in his homeland. On the textual basis of his diaries, the composer Mayako Kubo is developing Rabe's inner experience in a symbiosis between words and music. The selected fragmentary texts from the diaries are recorded and electronically processed as well as recited live by the musicians. At the same time, a trialogue of three cultures – Germany, Japan and China – will be developed. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is facilitating the composition commission issued to Mayako Kubo.

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