Photo: Katharina Dubno


Composition Commission issued to Moritz Eggert

Jesus-Brotherhood at Volkenroda Monastery, Germany

Since 2012, the Volkenroda Summer Concerts have been held every year on the grounds of the Volkenroda Monastery in Thuringia – as a chamber music festival exploring the connection between music and architectural space. In 2021, the festival's motto is "for future": the definition of our current epoch as the Anthropocene, where man with his technical possibilities has become one of the most important factors influencing all processes on earth, provides the framework for a musical-spatial exploration of future-oriented technologies such as virtual reality and the topic of nature and the environment. Together with scenographers, virtual reality artists, cultural mediators and musicologists, the musicians will take part in panel discussions to examine the future of classical music and its role in our society. The highlight of the program is the premiere of a commissioned composition by Moritz Eggert, which provides a subjective take on the "for future" theme for the festival's finale, a work made possible by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. In cooperation with scenographer Franziska Ritter, a musical experience is created that playfully and artistically explores the theme of proximity and distance/position. The composer will accompany the premiere with an introduction to the work and a panel discussion featuring musicologist Andreas von Massow and Annette Thoma from the "Virtuelles Konzerthaus" Berlin.

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