Photo: Astrid Ackermann


Composition Commissions issued to Martin Jaggi, Germàn Toro Perez and Hans Thomalla

soyuz21, Baden, Switzerland

For the 2021 season, the ensemble soyuz21 is planning the premiere of three new compositions funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. Martin Jaggi will be composing a work for saxophone, electric guitar, synthesizer and percussion along with video artist Adrian Kelterborn. Together they will try to capture the distortions of temporal distance in their composition. Germàn Toro Perez is creating a work with Georg Lendorff for a sextet instrumentation of saxophone, cello, accordion, electric guitar, synthesizer, percussion and electronics. In joint experimental phases with the ensemble's musicians, a composition is to be created that combines clear musical lines based on varying microtonal sequences with a visual composition. Object-like light and image constellations within the space establish connections with the physical presence of musicians and instruments. For the concert project Songbook, Hans Thomalla is writing a work for saxophone, electric guitar and synthesizer where he combines and explores analog electronic sound design, the limitless possibilities of digital sounds and the physicality of the saxophone.

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