Photo: Katharina Dubno


Twice upon – A project on Luciano Berio

Stiftung Klavier-Festival Ruhr, Essen, Germany

Twice upon is undoubtedly one of the most unusual works in Luciano Berio's oeuvre. The 25-minute composition was created in 1993/94 at the suggestion of English music educator Richard McNicol. Based on his many years of experience in the field of "creative music making," McNicol wanted a work for professional musicians and children without any special musical knowledge. Berio fulfilled this wish in Twice upon by forming six musical teams, each made up of a group of children with a musician to guide them. Another important protagonist in this "theater without words" featuring full notation care of Berio is a stage band. In the first half of 2021, the Ruhr Piano Festival will place Twice upon at the focus of an extensive educational project on Berio, in collaboration with Folkwang University of the Arts and Ensemble Musikfabrik. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is making the mediation project possible.

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