Image: Philippe Brühl


Salzburg Pocket Opera Festival 2021

Klang21, Salzburg, Austria

Klang21 is commissioning and producing four New Music theater works for the 9th Salzburg Pocket Opera Festival. The unifying theme is the Undine myth, as told by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué as a romantic novella and transposed in form, language and with logical consistency into 20th century reality by Ingeborg Bachmann in her prose Undine geht. In each case, it is the subversive power of love that breaks the rules and order of the community and suspends the relationship between the individual and society, which is shaped by convention. Love as a topos for the utopia of "life". In Fouqué's tale, the fairy story beats real life to the punch, and vice versa: reality bends the fairytale into an unrealizable possibility. In Bachmann's narrative, on the other hand, the protagonists become personifications of ciphered figures.

Zeynep Gedizlioglu and Iris ter Schiphorst have chosen Ingeborg Bachmann's text as the starting point for their compositions while Wolfgang Mitterer and Fabio Nieder refer to de la Motte Fouqué's novella in their works. Together, the pieces, each lasting between 10 and 30 minutes, form a successively dramatized and staged opera evening that brings together the different literary and compositional perspectives.

Due to the current situation and associated regulations, there may be changes at short notice. For the latest information on the project please therefore check