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1st Composers’ Workshop. A particular time of day belongs entirely to all my pupils at once.

Arnold Schönberg Center, Vienna, Austria


As a composer and teacher of composition Arnold Schönberg (1874–1951) was one of the key figures shaping the 1st half of the 20th century. That search for the ideal composition class was an eternal theme for him: “As a teacher I follow my own plans, a new, very different method and I have to put this out into the world. [… ] Which is why I have based my teaching courses, that I call ›Seminars for Composition‹, on an entirely new, free system“.
To take this aspect of Schönberg’s teaching further the Arnold Schönberg Center will, for the first time, be organizing a composition workshop supported by the EvS Music Foundation. In collaboration with Helmut Schmidinger, composer and guest professor of composition at Graz University of Music and Dramatic Arts, the center will be inviting six young composers to Vienna for the 1st Composition Workshop at the Arnold Schönberg Center.
The composition workshop offers: an up-close encounter with Arnold Schönberg’s work or legacy (including a guided tour, exhibition visit and library discussion), the chance to contact and meet other young people from further afield with the same interests, to tap into new input from one other teacher, the chance to enhance the experience for everyone via the (small) group instruction entitled “A particular time of day belongs entirely to all my pupils at once.” (Arnold Schönberg), active involvement in the rehearsal phase / elaboration of one’s own work and performance of one’s own, stylistically free work at a prominent and renowned location by a professional ensemble.
The composition workshop will be held in two work phases building upon each other which can only be attended jointly. A guided tour of the center, an exhibition visit as well as a library discussion with an artist or Schönberg expert will also enhance the program.


November 25-27, 2016
January 13-15, 2017
Arnold Schönberg Center


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