Photo: Ypatios Grigoriadis


impuls . 9th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music

Society for the Appreciation of Contemporary Music Graz, Austria

Impuls’ 9th International Ensemble and Composers’ Academy for Contemporary Music will be held from February 13 – 25, 2015 in Graz, Austria. Departing from the classical Modern Age a variety of academy courses facilitate intense exploration of current musical trends, innovative techniques and experimental forms of ensemble playing. Special importance is attached here to collaboration between the young composition participants and the performers (with numerous calls for scores as well as the preparation and elaboration of composition concepts on site). Internationally established tutors guarantee the highest quality in both educational and musical terms and also focus on notation, the history of instruments and instrumental/technical instruction, interpretational approaches and performance practice plus other such theoretical and practical aspects. With these tutors, as with the participants, importance is attached not only to quality but also to internationality and a multi-layered and also aesthetically representative approach as well as to international networking opportunities. In addition to individually tailored one-to-one and group classes the academy in 2015 will once again offer special programs (like composition beyond music, performative computer music, translucent spaces, interaction projects) and sees the joint elaboration of chamber music and ensemble literature as key lesson content. Further academy modules – for instance various reading sessions, improvisation and electronic workshops, lectures (also on practical and pragmatic issues in the music business) – public presentation options, … and not least also the great personal commitment of the lecturers (flexibly adapting to the current and individual needs of the participants) have all made impuls the highly sought after academy it is internationally – one undergoing constant development extending to include ever new options, also due to this great popularity.


February 13 – 25, 2015
Graz, Austria

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