Rehearsal Seminars and Concerts in Collaboration with the IEMA

PROMITHEAS, Athens, Greece

The Ionian Festival Ensemble in Corfu is made up of young professional instrumentalists who are already members of symphony orchestras in Greece or abroad. What unites them all is their great interest in contemporary music that motivates their commitment to the Ionian Festival Project. This project is divided into two phases.
The summer phase on Corfu is an intensive, two-week period of work under the artistic guidance of the Ensemble Modern International Academy of Frankfurt (IEMA). For some time now, the summer phase in Corfu has been under the aegis of the Summer Academy that is represented there by the Institute of Music of the Ionian University. Its students have the chance to attend open rehearsals. The works of one of their annual guest lecturers are incorporated into the ensemble’s repertoire and its musicians devote time to the students with their new compositions as part of the academy. This collaboration produces a key link between the young audience and the summer guests on campus.
In the winter phase the concert is rehearsed in Athens. The repertoire is studied by the IEMA in collaboration with the main sponsors in Athens – the Stegi Grammaton, Athens Megaron, the Theocharakis Foundation and the Athens Conservatory.
The participants of the project, who are once again sponsored by the EvS Music Foundation, are able to gather valuable experience in the field of contemporary music at the intensive Summer School which ensures high artistic standards for the winter concerts.


End of June 2016
Ionian Academy, Corfu
St. George’s Church, Corfu

Fall 2016
Megaron, Athens
Stegi Onassis Foundation, Athens
Athens Conservatory, Athens


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