Rondò 2016 for young composers

Divertimento Ensemble, Milan, Italy


Rondò 2016 is a project initiated by the Divertimento Ensemble with a wide range of different offerings aimed primarily at young musicians. Again receiving the support of the EvS Music Foundation, the project pursues four goals: talent scouting, rehearsal, support on the road to a professional career and the promotion of New Music.
Once again, for Rondò 2016 a comprehensive program is planned, for instance including the Franco Donatoni International Meeting for Young Composers and a special range of music lessons for children. Furthermore, an eleven-day conducting course for chamber music from the 20th century to the present day will be held. In addition, the Divertimento Ensemble will be selecting eight outstanding pianists to be at the focus of two concerts that will be dedicated to the Italian compositions for piano of the last 30 years.
As Composer-in-Residence in 2016 the young composer Giovanni Bertelli will be given the opportunity to meet the artists and gain exposure among the audience.
An international workshop for composers as well as a concert dedicated to young, non-European musical artists is also planned. In 2016 seven Iranian composers and two works of traditional Iranian music will be presented.
Rondò 2016 promotes young musicians by offering them the opportunity to forge valuable contacts with vocal ensembles, children’s groups and live electronic artists. It also helps young musicians to embark on a professional career. 

January 17, February 14/28, March 27, April 10, June 6, 2016
Museo del Novecento, Milan, Italy

January 26, February 5, March 21/31, April 6/20/26, May 9/22/6, September 14, 2016
Teatro Litta, Milan, Italy

July 10/16/17, 2016
Auditorium Santa Chiara, Bobbio, Italy

September 3/10, 2016
Teatro Comunale, Moncalvo, Italy


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