Photo: Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble


10th Anniversary of the International Young Composers Academy

Center for New Music Initiatives, Moscow, Russia

Russia’s largest international composition workshop is being held in Tchaikovsky, Perm and Moscow. Yan Yan Maresz (France), Katarina Rosenberger (Switzerland), Laurence Crane (Great Britain), Rainer Rubbert, Sergei Nevsky (Germany) and Mathew Rosenblum (USA) will hold individual master classes for 25 selected students. Workshops for composers and performers will form part of the program, as will lectures by musicologists and music critics and educational projects for laypeople and children. The Moscow Ensemble for Contemporary Music, Ensemble Nikel and Ensemble Rehead, together with invited soloists, will perform the works in a concluding concert series. A selected composition will then be printed by the Dutch music publisher Donemus. Night concerts featuring electronic and multimedia projects, improvisation and jam sessions and spatial compositions will also be organized for the first time, allowing the Academy to push the envelope still further.

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