Photo: Giovanni Daniotti


International Divertimento Ensemble Academy for Young Musicians IDEA

Divertimento Ensemble, Milan, Italy

IDEA was born in 2017 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Divertimento Ensemble, with the intention to coordinate all the training activities of the Ensemble. In order to facilitate dialogue with other major European institutions that have similar objectives, and to respond to the needs of young musicians in Italy (who are often forced to look for training opportunities elsewhere) and in Europe, it is necessary for IDEA to widen its training offer and to adopt an independent organizational structure to conduct its activities. Training activities can be promoted and managed in a more efficient manner that is autonomous – both on an administration level and in terms of communication methods and external relations – from the other mainstream activities of DE, which are: diffusion of contemporary music through the Rondò season, concerts in Italy and abroad, audience development. Divertimento Ensemble has therefore developed a training program that takes into account two priorities: to give young musicians the opportunity to study and work closely with experienced performers, composers and conductors; to give young musicians the chance to publicly show what they have learned, by offering them the possibility to perform in the Rondò concert season.

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