International ilSUONO Contemporary Music Week

International ilSUONO Contemporary Music Week, Città di Castello, Italy

The International Contemporary Music Week ilSUONO brings together composers and interpreters of new music, celebrating outstanding achievements in contemporary music composition, performance and computer music. The aim is to provide a forum for aspiring composers to refine their musical skills through private lessons, composition seminars and performance opportunities.

In the fifth edition, Chaya Czernowin and Rand Steiger will work as composers-in-residence with the Ensemble Suono Giallo (flute, saxophone, percussion, piano), the double bass player Giacomo Piermatti (double bass) and the Austrian Schallfeld Ensemble as guest ensemble of the year. Together they select sixteen young composers for the Summer Academy.

This year's opening concert of the Ensemble Suono Giallo will highlight works by the Academy participants and the composer-in-residence. The Ensemble Schallfeld will present three new compositions by the young composers as well as three further works from the ensemble's repertoire.

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