Photo: Ypatios Grigoriadis


impuls . 11th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music

impuls . Verein zur Vermittlung zeitgenössischer Musik, Graz, Austria

In a multitude of ways impuls promotes the understanding of contemporary music and its traditions. Starting from the classical modern period a range of different academic offerings make possible an in-depth examination of current musical tendencies, innovative techniques and experimental forms of musical interaction. Special importance here is attached to the cooperation between young composition participants and the performers. Internationally established tutors guarantee the highest quality in both pedagogical and musical terms. With the tutors, just as with the participants, importance is attached to not just the quality of an aesthetically representative approach but also to internationality. Alongside individually tailored one-to-one and group instruction, in 2019 the academy will once again offer numerous special programs and treat the joint elaboration of chamber music and ensemble repertoire as key teaching content. Through a wide variety of academy modules and not least through the great personal commitment of the lecturers, impuls has developed an internationally sought-after academy profile that is being constantly further developed and supplemented with new offerings due to the high demand it generates. The international impuls composition competition – which is not only accompanied by commissions, premieres and a top ensemble such as Klangforum Wien, but also by an in-depth accompanying program for the young composers – means impuls promotes selected young composers beyond the normal academy framework. Further cooperation and projects like ‘Text im Klang’ round off their commitment.

impuls also sees it as its task to make contemporary music accessible to the public at large. Planned for February 2019 is the 6th impuls festival featuring a host of daily public offerings revolving around the impuls academy. This means the work of the academy is opened out to the city. For 12 days Graz will stage and showcase international contemporary music with a mix of traditional to unorthodox formats such the MinuteConcerts or activities within the public space. For a more in-depth view behind the scenes the academy will also open itself up to external participants offering workshops for school groups. Once again, this shows that also in 2019 impuls stands for the lively communication of contemporary music on various levels.

February 9–14, 2019
Vienna, Austria

February 10–21, 2019
Various Venues in Graz, Austria

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