Photo: Ditz Fejer


Planet Globokar

Studio Dan – Verein für Neue Musik, Vienna, Austria

“What keeps the world of the inside together?” – this is one of the questions playing a key role in the multi-media music theater performance “Planet Globokar”. After many years of experience with the children’s concert “Studio Dan spielt ...” the society is now producing its second appreciation/education concert for children.
At the focus here is the artistic stance of the Slovenian trombonist and composer Vinko Globokar. In a space-invading stage set featuring his music theater props and supported by light and video, various fragments from his works will be edited into an intense performance. This manages without any text – though not without language as its sound. The protagonists are an eight to thirteen-head ensemble. The stage set of the space-invading happening is determined by the central elements of Globokar’s pieces: trombones, an Alpine horn, tubes, water containers, masks, toys, mouth pieces, pipes, paravents and much more.
The inhabitants of Planet Globokar are musicians who, with their instruments, holistically mutate en masse into wondrous beings. The piece has not so much a stringent storyline but rather a flux of images, sounds and actions. Hovering above the entire work are themes like “anarchy”, “experiment”, “trying things out” as well as the little more abstract – “art as a personal free space”, “art as a purpose in life” or even “subversion”.
Very much in the spirit of Globokar’s creative curiosity the project, which is supported by the EvS Music Foundation, is aimed at conveying to children in a genuine, impulsive and very personal way the fun to be found in “strange” music and also in art in general.


Fall 2016
International Music and Theater Festival KinderKinder, Hamburg
Theater am Ortweinplatz, Graz

Fall 2016
Zentrum für Musikvermittlung, Vienna

Fall 2016
Fundacja Muzyczna “Harmonie i halasy”, Warsaw

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