Composition Commission issued to Adriana Hölszky

ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

“[...] Just like every cell in a living organism has its own function and is, at the same time, integrated into the whole, the twelve individual percussionists are finely tuned in an alternation between the extremes: between soloist design and maximum integration [...]. A cosmology of life ensues.” This is how Adriana Hölszky describes her work "Der Marathon der Tiere. Ein Requiem" supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.
The composition is in a state of complex interaction with the shimmering, multi-dimensional light-image projections created by the artist rosalie. The large-format images shall be projected every evening for five months onto graduation works formerly used in salt extraction accompanied by music ringing out over loudspeakers. In their project the artists explore natural biodiversity and its huge threat from humankind.
With her instrumentarium Adriana Hölszky’s sound composition reflects the cultural variety of the percussion and thereby jointly creates, by means of the landscape of the graduation works and the projected images, multi-sensorial spaces that convey an impression of the movement of organic and mechanical bodies.

Karlsruhe, ZKM

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