Composition Commission issued to Annette Schlünz

Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele GmbH, Baden-Baden, Germany


“Tre Volti – Musiktheater mit Monteverdi” (Tre Volti – Music Theater with Monteverdi) is the title of Annette Schlünz’ work that was commissioned by the festival Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele 2017 with the support of the EvS Music Foundation.

The piece links up Claudio Monteverdi’s dramatic madrigal “Combattimento di Tancredi et Clorinda” with the contemporary draft of another story that picks up on similar motifs like fear, power, violence, alienation and love. Monteverdi’s music will be played here on old instruments and will, in part, be quite literally penetrated by the new composition. Furthermore, the line-up of instruments will be enhanced with the addition of percussion and accordion.

The composition explores the perception of an apparently familiar work from the perspective of a number of different worlds where each world follows its own laws. Neither the stage space nor the Old/New Music appears in its familiar, clearly definable form. In the genesis process the participating artists are intended to work at interfaces and relationships that enable different takes on the action, both simultaneously and homogeneously.

The project explores a form of music theater production that, beyond the tradition of narrative opera, rests on a simultaneously occurring and mutually impacting genesis process of text, music and theatrical implementation. Furthermore, it brings artists from the field of improvised and New Music into contact with performers that are trained in the historically informed performance practice.


April 28/30, 2017
Rokokotheater Schwetzingen


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