Photo: Stefan Fuhrer


Composition Commission issued to Arturo Fuentes

United Instruments of Lucilin asbl, Strassen, Luxembourg


“Musik der Fantasiewesen” (Music of the Fantasy Beings) is a new project from Mexican composer Arturo Fuentes that is inspired by “Manual de zoología fantástica” by the Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges. Here Borges describes 120 mystical creatures from folk legend, literature and mythology. To generate this universe musically, automatons, distorted voices and electronics are used.

“‘Musik der Fantasiewesen’ is a staging performed by musicians. In a concert-like situation they interact with all the machinery on stage: light, sounds, instruments and the stage set. The audience experiences a piece of theater whose main character is not the stage: Borges is not in sight; but you can imagine Borges, sitting on a chair in the center of his chaotic universe and can hear distorted voices while he reads his poems,” says Fuentes describing his composition.

Through this project, that is supported by the EvS Music Foundation, Arturo Fuentes honors a great Argentinian author that has inspired him since his childhood. Of key importance here is Fuentes’ creativity. He researches the relationship between composition, computer music and philosophy.

Ensemble Lucilin, who commissioned the work, particularly supports contemporary compositions so as to extend the repertoire of New Music. 


April 13, 2016
Salle de Musique de Chambre, Philharmonie Luxembourg

June 13, 2016
Konzerthaus, Vienna


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