Photo: Manu Theobald


Composition Commission issued to Isabel Mundry

Verein Schloss Werdenberg, Werdenberg, Switzerland

“Molting” is the theme of the 2016 Schlossmediale Festival. Molting reveals stories, it is a glance in two directions – the past and transience, renewal and the unknown. It symbolizes the letting go of old things.
Molting also features in mythology. For instance, Ovid’s Metamorphoses tells of the satyr Marsyas who arrogantly challenges Apollo to a contest with his aulos, the double reed flute. Apollo has the loser Marsyas skinned.
Based on this myth composer Isabel Mundry, with the support of the EvS Music Foundation, will be setting this theme to music for the Trio di Clarone in a small wind line-up. Based in Zürich and Munich the composer currently counts as one of the most successful composers of New Music. Her works are filigree and powerful at the same time and sensually explore the traditions of past centuries. She has been Composition Professor at ZHdK Zürich since 2004 and at Munich’s music and theater academy Hochschule für Musik und Theater München since 2011. The festival will feature other works by Mundry.
The festival for Old Music, New Music and audiovisual art has made it its task to present New Music, in particular, in an unusual context. However, puppetry, dance, installations and sound installations are also a firm feature in the festival.


May 15, 2016
Schloss Werdenberg im Rheintal


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