Composition Commission issued to Philipp Maintz

Kirchenmusik St. Sebald, Nuremberg, Germany


The church music of the parish of St. Sebald in Nuremberg is issuing a composition commission for organ to Philipp Maintz which will be supported by the EvS Music Foundation. The work will be written for the organist Bernhard Buttmann and will premiere at the church in September next year. The express wish relayed to the composer is to take into consideration the tonal opportunities of the organ at St. Sebald, where the performer will play, and to channel it into his composition. A further aim is also to achieve a piece of work that Buttmann can also perform adequately on other instruments. The new work for organ is to make reference to Albrecht Dürer’s portrayal of the apocalypse dating from 1498, whose imagery has fascinated Philipp Maintz for a long time and whose attention to detail and symbolic content inspire him. For instance, in his composition he will attempt to approach the aura of the figures on the fourteen picture panels. The large organ arrangement at St. Sebald offers a very wide range of exquisite soloist colors for the realization of this piece as well as a very differentiated, large orchestral sound.




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