Composition Commission to Saed Haddad

Musica Nova, Lyon, France


The ensemble Musica Nova commissioned a new work to the German Jordanian-born composer Saed Haddad with the title „Divertimento Babelico“, a piece for eight singers, which is supported by the EvS Musikstiftung. As part of the “Echoes of Babel” project which is co-produced by the Festival, the ensemble will perform the piece first. Musica Nova not only makes an effort to research on Early Music repertoires but also cares for contemporary music. Haddad will combine Mediterranean musical tradition and mediaeval polyphonies. The cooperation between Haddad, the Moroccan singer Anass Habib who will perform the lead vocals as well as Musica Nova intends to create a new piece of music that lets everyone express their own identity and culture. The myth of Babel has generated a profound fascination reflecting both fear and defiance towards the hereafter. In his previous compositions, Haddad often used seriousness blended with irony. With that in mind, the myth of Babel can also be interpreted as a serious narrative with ironic remarks when the gravity of the divine punishment has ironically enriched from both a linguistic and cultural point of view.


July 10th, 2016
Festival Format Raisins. La Charité sur Loire

November 2016
Algeria tour (Alger, Annaba, Constantine)

March 2017
Grame, National Center of Musical Creation, Lyon

March 2017
Festival de' Tours de Babel, Grenoble
Mars en Baroque, France


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