Photo: Manu Theobald


Composition Commissions issued to Mark Andre and James Dillon

Talea Ensemble, Long Island City, USA

As part of its mission to present new works by underrepresented composers in the United States, Talea will commission two quite different composers from the European avantgarde: Mark Andre and James Dillon. These commissions, which are supported by the EvS Music Foundation, will represent the first commitment to new works by these composers from any American ensemble and will also honor the Talea ensemble’s 10th anniversary.
Drawing from two different styles and backgrounds, these new works will also showcase the breadth of today’s compositional field.
Mark Andre will compose a new work for ensemble that continues to explore his fascination with timbre and texture. James Dillon’s new piece will similarly feature the performers of Talea, with whom he has grown close over recent years through numerous performances of his work. Scored for solo cello and ensemble, his new work will showcase his long relationship with Talea cellist, Chris Gross, who has tirelessly championed Dillon’s dense and chaotic music.
The project has two primary objectives standing in symbiotic relationship to one another. First, the mission of the project is to build a bridge between three of the most innovative composers of today and one of the most progressive young ensembles of the 21st century. Even more importantly, this partnership between each composer and the ensemble will create new repertoire and establish new directions in progressive music. The other main objective is to give American audiences a new perspective on the contemporary canon.


March 2018
Roulette, New York, USA

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