Photo: Psappha


Composition Commissions issued to Tom Coult and David Fennessy

Psappha, Manchester, Great Britain


Psappha is the only stand-alone professional contemporary classical music ensemble in Northern England. 2016/17 marks its 25th Anniversary and, with the EvS Music Foundation’s support, the ensemble commissions two special works to celebrate this milestone. The selected composers all create music that has a unique quality which resonates with Psappha’s artistic ideals: Tom Coult and David Fennessy
Tom Coult received his musical training at Manchester University which is where he first caught the attention of Psappha’s Artistic Director. His music inhabits a unique sound world making him stand out from his peers. He writes for bass clarinet, double bass, piano, cello and marimba.
For the first time Psappha and Edinburgh-based Hebrides Ensemble (a collective of world-class musicians with a strong commitment to New Music) will work together to commission and tour the work to venues in England, Scotland and Ireland in November 2016. David Fennessy, who has developed a close working relationship with Psappha over the last three years, is keen to integrate the two groups in his new work and has requested the interesting combination of two violins, two cellos, and cimbalom. He is also keen to explore the timbral possibilities of this unusual ensemble.
Psappha is also delighted to have the opportunity to work with Emily Hall, associate artist at the 2015 Spitalfields Festival and recipient of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists. She writes a work for electronics, percussion/cimbalom, piano, violin, cello and double bass.
Between Harvard-trained David Horne and Psappha there has been mutual respect for many years. Horne knows Psappha’s musicians and will write for flute (plus doublings), clarinet (plus doublings), percussion and piano.
Psappha will work closely with the 4 composers to support the creation of works that are tailored to the technical virtuosity and musical personalities of Psappha’s musicians.


October/November 2016 and January/March 2017
St Michael's, Manchester, Great Britain


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